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  • Water Pressure Regulator 
  • Backflow Preventer Repair

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You are probably here because of experiencing water leak issues at some point in the past. If you are looking for water or slab leak detection in North San Diego County, get in touch with Dynamic Plumbing & Rooter. We are a professional company that offers reliable water leak detection services to both residential and commercial clients.
You need help from professionals, and this is why our water leak detection guide should be helpful. Our water leak repair services are only complete when you are satisfied with the final results.

Water Leak Detection

Water lines and other utility lines are usually buried underground or under the heavy concrete in the building’s foundation. This is why when there are water leaks in your home or office, or at least you suspect there are hidden water leaks of some sort, it can be hard to locate the problem area. This is where a reliable and effective water leak detection system comes in handy.
A good example would be the use of laser detection systems, which can get to the deepest section of your property with exceptional results. We also give you recommendations for water leak detection and avoiding water leaks in the future.

Leak Detection Service And Repair

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Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks result from some type of failure in a home’s plumbing system. The failure could be caused by faulty installation, weakened water lines, and chemical reactions of metals in the earth to metals in the plumbing system or soil shifting beneath the slab.
Solution: Pipe Rerouting/Re-piping· Definitely this would be the Permanent Solution to avoid digging altogether and reroute plumbing above ground .

Fortunately, our slab leak repair & detection team of highly trained professionals are available to help handle such matters. We use various motorized mechanisms to help lift the slabs and evaluate them for any leakages. Our team is thorough and will leave no section of your property unchecked. The slab leak repair process also occurs fast, and we are also available for repeat checkups on the structure of your property.

Whole House Re-piping

Sewer line camera inspection is essential for determining the Water pipe damage often occurs due to various issues such as a complete house re-pipe is a considerable project to take’ on. It’s a significant investment in both time and money. But in many cases, having your old pipes replaced is recom1nended or even unavoidable. Here are some reasons you might need to re-pipe your house:

You are constantly paying for plumbing work and repairs. A new pipe network can get rid of lingering plumbing issues. Having a brand-new system in place will help you avoid having to do any further repairs for many years down the road.

Sprinkler Pipe Repair

Water Sprinklers might be an essential resource in your property, but they are also prone to damage issues which you have to consider. You have to invest in a professional sprinkler pipe repair service to help you, and that is why we have a team available to help with this process. We are competent in fixing sprinkler motors, piping, installation structures, and other relevant systems.
Our sprinklers are state-of-the-art resources, and we procure them from industry-leading companies across the world. We also have lots of experience handling sprinkler damage issues, and we can even provide customized solutions for your needs. We recommend giving our customer support team a call for more information on sprinkler repair services.

Underground Water Line Repair

A leaky water main can cause a whole lot of water problems. In a residence, leaking pipes copper, Flex pex tubing can ruin hardwood flooring, wall surfaces, and furnishings. Outdoors, water leaking from a high-pressure water service pipe could remove dirt and create sinkholes from underground erosion. We repair all types of water pipes, copper pipe, galvanized pipe, cpvc pipe, pvc pipe, Polybutylene plastic pipe ( Quest pipe) Pex plating tubing.

Water Pressure Reducing Valve

A water pressure regulator (sometimes called a pressure-reducing valve, or PRV) is a specialized plumbing valve that reduces the water pressure coming into the home through the main water 1ine. This valve brings down the pressure to a safe level before the water reaches any plumbing fixtures inside the home.

Regulating the water pressure in your property is also crucial, especially if the water has to get to different sections of your property. Our team has a water pressure regulator system, which we use to ensure water gets to all aspects of your property with optimal results.

Backflow Preventer Valve

Designed for installation on water lines to protect against both back siphonage and backpressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply.

The issue of backflow is often rare, but it’s still likely to occur in your property someday. Instead of waiting for the issue to happen, you can prepare for a suitable solution for solving the problem ahead of time. It’s why we have an appropriate backflow preventer service that can help you address such issues with exceptional results. Our backflow preventers ensure that no spillages or dirty water will get back to your property. We even give you pex tubing repair recommendations on ways to detect the issue next time before it occurs.

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  • On a Saturday afternoon, I called Dynamic Plumbing for a main pipe line clog and they quoted me a fair estimate over the phone and said they could be at my house within an hour. After hearing from others that I would have to wait more than 2 hours, I decided to rely on Yelp and take a chance with Dynamic Plumbing, and it was totally worth it! The plumber quickly diagnosed the problem and went to town with the "snake",  and in less than an hour, my wife and I continued with our day as if nothing happened. Thank you Dynamic Plumbing!

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  • Dynamic Plumbing were awesome. Garbage disposal decided to retire Saturday after hours, and they came over the next day -- Easter Sunday! They were very responsive and answered my questions. They came during promised time and was neat and professional. They was straightforward with what needed to be done and other possible costs. The tech went and got the needed equipment and was a very fast worker. He was in and out in less than 3 hours and that included running to the store to buy the replacement garbage disposal unit! Oh, he accepts cash, checks and credit/debit cards! Definitely keeping his number for future reference...

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  • We purchased a new home and had some old floors removed. We needed to have the toilets reinstalled and the one that wasn't removed had a loose connection. It leaked all over our garage.
    I called Dynamic Plumbing and Rooter and they lived up to their name. They answered his phone on a Friday and showed up first thing on Saturday morning.
    I know nothing about plumbing. They could have charged me a fortune to fix our leaking toilet and put the other back on. They didn't. They fixed the loose connection and replaced the toilet for a reasonable price. And not only that, I inadvertently left a garden hose running. I was away from the home and remembered that he was local. I called Dynamic Plumbing and they returned to the home and turned off the hose for me. At no charge.
    Who does that anymore? I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

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  • I called Dynamic Plumbing about 1:30pm today, explained what my issue was with a water leak under my patio slab. They told me he could be here in about an hour and half. He was very prompt found the leak right away! He was awesome!
    He and I were very surprised that the leak was not under the slab as suspected and he was able to replace the broken pipe and make all repairs necessary. His rates are reasonable and fair.
    I was very impressed!! Will call him again if we have any more issues!!

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